Island to Island | Island to Island Brewery All American Craft Beer made in Brooklyn, New York
In the heart of Brooklyn with the soul of Trinidad, brews the first Brewery in Flatbush since prohibition. Island to Island Brewery crafts beverages made with local New York State produce and fruits from various American regions. Island to Island’s Taproom is the perfect addition to your Brooklyn, New York craft beer touring experience.
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Summer 2018 Beer Releases & Events

June 2nd 2018:
Caribbean Heritage Month Kick Off

June 2nd 2018:
Guest Bartender Douglas Amport

June 9th 2018:
Pour The Core

June 16th:
Summer Kick Off Party

Island to Island Brewery and Juicery Taproom


In the heart of Brooklyn with the soul of Trinidad, brews Flatbush’s first brewery since prohibition ended in the United States. Specializing in fruit craft beers, craft ciders and non-alcoholic probiotic brews, Island to Island is broadening the scope of fermented American craft beverages by championing the use of indigenous American produce from the Caribbean to Mexico; Canada to Argentina with a strong hyperlocal New York influence.


All our craft beverages are made from the fusion of Arawak Caribbean traditions & American craft brewing techniques.  An Island to Island tour is the perfect addition to your Brooklyn and New York City touring experience.
See behind the scenes & learn about our beers or just hangout with our brewers drinking beer, making beer and shooting the breeze or liming as we call it back home.
Click here to review our tour types and book today.


Taproom at 642 Rogers Ave serves the recipes of 3 brands alongside exclusively New York craft spirits. Organic superfood smoothies, craft beers, ciders and kombucha sodas the beverage selection ranges from non-alcoholic to saucy.  Plus it’s perfect for pregnant ladies to still be able to hang out and enjoy a mocktail.


The story of our brews and the exotic nature of our ingredients all add an exciting mix to our signature and classic catalog. Tap lines are never the same, never boring and keep explorative customers asking, “What’s Next?”. So don’t limit your self to one on premise glass, take home a 64oz growler bottle to share and brag about us.
Bottles are free with your fill up. You’re welcome to bring your own personal growler to fill up. *Rates vary by size.


Island to Island brewery growlers