Island to Island | Beer Menu
All the brews currently available on draft by the glass, in a flight or in 32oz and 64 oz growlers at the Island to Island Caribbean Beer brewery, 642 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn NY 11226.
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Menu Subject To Change Daily
Saint Hilaire Knowles, Irish Red Ale with Blackberries
  • Saint Hilaire Knowles

    irish red ale brewed with fresh blackberries

    4% abv
  • Ginger Beer Whine

    Spicy pure wild ginger beer.

    17% abv
Trade Route 2 Wartega collaboration brew
  • Trade Route #2

    bready & sweet wheat ale brewed with currants; Wartega & Island to Island collaboration brewed.

    7% abv
SMASH beer competition
  • Jean & Dinah, Rosita & Clem...

    2018 SMASH competition beer brewed with 100% NY state grown pilsner malt, hops, apples & cranberries

    6% abv
  • Trini Love

    session blonde ale with delightful notes of guava

    4% abv
  • Purple Reign

    House of Juice’s “Purple Heart” Hard Cider

    4% abv
Saint Hilaire Knowles, Irish Red Ale with Blackberries
  • Mighty Sparrow IPA

    brewed with sorrel giving notes of citrus; fruity hop aromas lend to a sweet finishing IPA

    6.7% abv
  • Moonlight IPA

    black IPA both malt and hop forward for big beer lovers

    6.4% abv
  • Sunrise Blonde Ale

    light american blonde ale

    5.25% abv
  • Brooklyn Jun Brew

    Jun Kombucha with green tea and wild flower honey

    0% abv
Sold Out
  • Beer That Marlon Does Ordah

    A regular ass beer

    3.4% abv
  • Midnight Porter

    Sold out on draught. Bottles available.

    8.5% abv
  • Calypso IPA

    lightly bitter, sweet finishing Caribbean IPA

    7% abv
  • Yuh Crazy

    Sorrel cider IPA, our West Indian red ale

    6.3% abv
  • Midnight Porter

    22oz Bottle Release. Silky smoothie Haitian chocolate spiced porter.

    8.5% abv
  • Just For You

    Deep notes of dark roasted coffee

    6% abv