Island to Island | Brewery Tours
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours

For a special occasion or just for fun, you’ll enjoy our personal, or semi-private beer tour with friends, coworkers, or spouses.

All tours are friendly for guests 13 and older unless indicated. Menu items with an alcohol content with more than 0.5% will only be served to guests 21 and over. All guests must provide legal proof age on request.

Tour Types

Value: $40

Duration: 1 hour

Includes: Private Tour by our head brewer. Eight (8) tastings of our unique seed to spirit house brews. Guests will explore a variety of brews each very different from one another, learn about ingredient selections and view brewery operations.**

Format: This tour is only lead by one of the head brewers and requires the ability to walk up and down an old staircase.  

Requirements: Suitable for 2 – 10 guests max. Book in advance. If calling to book please call during normal business hours. Available tour times are Saturday  3PM or 5PM. Friendly for those 13 and older***


Value: $100

Duration: 3+ hours

Includes: Hands on brewing session. Brew with us for 2 hours while taste testing everything on tap and even our private stash: from the beers, ciders and kombuchas to the smoothies and cocktails.

This grand tour includes a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make our seasonal island to island beverages; our conceptual ingredient selection process and recipe building style. All this while participating in the transformative science {or magic} that goes into making beer.

Format: This tour is lead by the brewers and requires the ability to walk up and down an old staircase; lift heavy containers; wear non-slip shoes and involves exposure to extreme temperatures and dust.*

Requirements: Suitable for 1 – 4 guests max. Must book in advance. Saturday sessions available include 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM. Must be 21 or older. Subject to brew schedule changes with prior notice. 

Seed to Spirit Flight

Value: $25

Duration: 1 hour

Includes: Four tastings of our unique seed to spirit beverages. You and a guest will be taken on a liquid culinary journey experiencing the life cycle of fruits and vegetables as seeds, ripened fruit, probiotic preserves and fermented spirits. Learn about the health benefits of each beverage while enjoying a relaxing afternoon or evening in our taproom.

Format: This tour is stationary; introduced by a guide then self paced.

Requirements: Suitable for 2, 4, 6, or 8 guests. Book in advance for anytime during normal business hours.

Tasting Flight

Value: $11 – $18

Duration: 20 minutes

Includes: Four 4oz tastings of our latest seasonal beers currently available on draft with the option to enjoy a full glass of your favorite tasting.

Format: This tour is stationary and self paced.

Requirements: Suitable for 1 or more guests. Walk-in during normal business hours. No reservation needed.  Join us during normal business hours as posted below.

Private Group Tour

Value: $varies

Duration: Varies

Includes: Samples of our latest seasonal beers currently available on draft.

Format: This tour can be a self guided discovery of new craft beers, ciders and kombuchas or an exploratory guided tour of our facilities.

Requirements: Groups of 10 or more (max 50). Tour guides must book at least 7 days ahead of time for any day or time frame that meets the groups scheduling requirements.

Booking: Contact us at events (at) to arrange your tour group package. Include your headcount and expected arrival time.***

A Peak Behind the Scenes

Value: $10

Duration: 10 minutes

Includes: A tasting of the newest release

Format: A Peak Behind the Scenes. That’s it. Just a peak in the brewery. This is not as in-depth as our Tasting Tour, but can satisfy many a curiosity. We’ll throw in a tasting to be nice.  

Requirements: Low Expectations. Just like all those boring tours you get nothing out of, want to complain about but end up getting drunk and forget to write about it.

Booking: Show up before 3PM on an available Saturday, buy a pint then tell the manager you’d like a “A Peak Behind the Scenes” and wait until your called down. 

*This tour may lead to possibly getting tipsy. We reserve the right to cut of any guest showing visible signs of intoxication regardless of how many glasses served or how long the tastings were provided. **Brewery operations may or may not be in session depending on time of booking. ***Guests under 21 will only be served kombucha probiotic brews. Only guests over 21 will be served alcoholic beverages.

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