Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Tepache Beer Release
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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Tepache Beer Release

Tepache Beer Release

Tepache in the west, Pineapple Wine in the East.

What is Tepache

A probiotic Indigenous American ale brewed from pineapple and allowed to ferment with the yeast from the pineapple rind. Traditionally no malted grains are used which makes it naturally gluten free. The ale has been brewed with sugar cane grass and flavored with various spices, barks or roots in traditional methods.

Tepache Island to Island Randolph Beer Collaboration

For our collaboration with Randolph Beer, a brewery focused on well balanced, traditional style fresh beers paired with clean food, we fused the Island to Island flair for letting nature take the wheel along its innate “Seed to Spirit” phases. Guest brewer Flint Whistler, Randolph Beer, head brewer Danii Oliver, Island to Island Brewery and special guest writer Leighm, started this collaboration brew as a perfectly balanced traditional pale ale brew day. We used Black Dirt Malt’s two row barley and Whipple Brothers’ cascade hops to craft a 100% New York grown wort.

(**Sorry this batch is NOT grain & gluten free**)

They then funked it up with a boat load of pineapples they cut and ate at the same time. We’ll blame Danii’s pregnancy on the lack of self control to resist the sweet pineapple everyone sunk their teeth into. In the end they managed to get more fruit in the barrel for fermentation than in their stomachs! The batch was finalized by with open fermentation, less traditional of European style ales but the traditional method for Tepache fermentation.

“Back home my aunts would just cover it with a cloth and place it atop the cabinet.”

Randolph Beer WBURG

This collaboration brew is Randolph Beer WBURG’s first brew to commemorate the coming of its one barrel microbrewery. The coming brewery expansion will make Randolph Beer WBURG and Island to Island the only microbreweries in NYC since Wartega has grown to larger scale production. The choice to be small batch artisan breweries in NYC allows the two brands’ brewers to be very involved and purposeful in their approach to craft beer; never making decisions purely on costs and mass marketability. Rather, they make choices about flavor and guest experience.

Why does this matter?

Craft beer started with the idea that mass production took away from the story and character of each beer served. Once beer production becomes all about scale and hitting numbers it crosses the line between building something unique to simply flooding the market with a generic product that could live without its maker.

Where can you grab a pint of Pineapple Funk, Tepache Pale Ale?

Pineapple Funk will NOT be available everywhere!
That’s the point. We want to share our stories this harvest season. Too often the festivals that take place during this time of the year are focused on drinking to get drunk and do foolish things. We’ve crafted an inclusive experience with a diverse team collaborating on food pairings and cross promotion for a feel good experience that celebrates North and Central American culture, heritage and harvest.

Supply Won’t Last Long

There will only 200 pints available at the Randolph Beer WBURG and Taproom At 642 Rogers Ave taprooms on October 5th, 6th and 7th 2018. Each taproom will be serving the “Pineapple Funk” tepache with amazing pineapple bites to make your afternoon or evening a thing to do worth being on your calendar.

Make a day of your visit to these two craft beer brewery taprooms. Area attractions include:
Randolph Beer WBURG:Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, East River State Park, Bowlmor Williamsburg, Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Taproom At 642 Rogers Ave:Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Kings Theatre, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Prospect Park.

RSVP to our cross island Harvest Fest to reserve your pairing or just show up to take your chances while supply lasts.

Harvest Fest will feature pours of Randolph Beer & Island to Island’s collaboration “Pineapple Funk”, tepache pale ale 4% ABV along with taproom specials such as
Randolph Beer WBURG:Pineapple infused tacos

Taproom At 642 Rogers Ave: Trinidadian pineapple turnovers from the famous Allan’s bakery. A 50 year old staple in the heart of the little Caribbean, Flatbush Brooklyn.

Pineapple Funk, Tepache