Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Graffiti Collaborative Art Show & Tasting Event
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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Graffiti Collaborative Art Show & Tasting Event

Graffiti Collaborative Art Show & Tasting Event

Graffiti art show and local craft brand tastings opening ceremony

This month we’re hanging graffiti art on the walls and hanging out with: Doc Herson’s Absinthe (@docsspirits) and Pilot Kombucha (@pilotkombucha). They’ll be offering tastings while in house master mixologists will be brewing up cocktails creating an exclusive union here in the Island to Island taproom. We’re exposing local artists to potential suitors. We hope they find compatible mates leading to hookups that get taken back to the crib.

This month’s art show opening: March 11th, is a collaboration by MKA (@zipper_ism), Valerie Lobasso (@valerie_lobasso) and Jude Lobasso (@judelobasso).
Last month’s show was about: love and union by AJ Browne.

MKA Graffiti Art Showcase at Island to Island Brewery

About the Artists

MKA caught his first tag on a stop sign with a pilot marker back in 1986 under the name Scribble. This was quickly shortened up to AUE (Artistic Urban Expression) and he began to expand to piecing on roof tops and underpasses out on Long Island with his graffiti art. MKA was born after a conversation with a customer that was laughing to himself. When asked what he was laughing at he explained that he had been fishing earlier in the day with Popeye when a fish jumped into the boat and announce he was Minnow the King Angel.

As old graffiti art guys tend to say life got in the way and he stopped painting in the 90s, but continued to occasionally sketch and tag. Recently, the sticker and sketch battle culture has renewed his love for the art form. In addition to his sketching, MKA is also a kombucha and jun home brewer. Over the past 3 years he has brewed over 125 gallons for himself, family and friends. MKA recently participated in the First City Project and can be found on Instagram @zipper_ism

Jude and Val are a husband and wife art team. They have been featured at ConArtist Collective Art Gallery, Tattooed Moms, and Huntington Art Council. They have been in several art shows including LoMan Art Fest, Welling Court, Slapz, Pinned Up, Characters Welcome 1 & 2, DC Streetart Expo, All City Art Expo, $uperdollar, and most recently First City Project. They produce a self published Streetart zine called Be A Pal and their newest venture is an artist for artist printing company at They can be followed on Instagram @valerie_lobasso and @judelobasso.

About the Brews

Alex Ingals launched in March 2015 with one goal: bring gut health to the hedonistic food lovers of New York City.

Today, Pilot Kombucha delivers sips that are as good for the soul as they are for the body. Using a mix of organic and fair trade ingredients and sacrificing a longer shelf-life for more nutritious bacteria, Pilot offers products you can feel good about and which leave you feeling incredible.

About the Spirits

Doc Herson’s Natural Spirits is the 1st Absinthe Distillery in New York City. With their impeccable taste and retro sensibilities, husband and wife team Kevin Herson and Stacey Luckow epitomize the creative era of pre ban Absinthe’s lusty atmosphere. Transporting those whom imbibe on a journey back to the days of bohemian artistry and ambience.

Kevin’s love for culture led him to travel the world and experience food and drinks of all customs and varieties. His passion for experiencing worldly culinary delights authenticates his unique palate for distilling spirits, introducing unexemplified palliative delights to the world of craft spirits.