Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Experience diversity throughout the craft beer world
Black Beer Travelers showcases the bridging of cultures by expanding the palate of those that cross the path of a Black Beer Traveler at the Island to Island Brewery craft beer festival.
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Black Beer Travelers: Lager & Jerk Fest Celebrates Diversity of Craft Beer Nationally

Black Beer Travelers: Lager & Jerk Fest Celebrates Diversity of Craft Beer Nationally

For Immediate Release:

Black Beer Travelers

Island to Island brewery is proud to announce it’s partnership with Black Beer Travelers during our 2nd Annual Craft Beer and Jerk Wing Festival. Over the years we’ve both been building a culture and place where you can experience diversity through craft beer and it made sense for us to join forces from New York to California on a unified front.

Black Beer Travelers showcases the bridging of cultures with a goal to expand the palate of those that cross the path of any Black Beer Traveler. How deep one is in the craft beer game does not matter. It’s about the adventure you have getting to your next level.

With each post, event and appearance Black Beer Travelers make, expect to see individuals and groups of people adventuring where they live to explore what they drink. Expect to be surprised, informed and challenged. Black Beer Travelers are everywhere and on March 2nd 2019 get ready to include yourself in the experience!

Explore the other side of craft beer, the lifestyle of Black Beer Travelers.
Have you introduced someone to craft beer today? March 2nd 2019 during NYC BEER WEEK is the perfect time to do so.

Island to Island Brewery 2nd annual Jerk Wing & Craft Beer pairing night!


Dirty Job Brewing, Gold Mining Collaboration

I am in love with a good old fashioned collaboration. At the base of craft brewing is the ability to express creativity through endless variations of ever-expanding styles. To me brewing is a reflection of the diversity of humanity and highlights the importance of how that diversity is full of flavors, experiences, and energies! As part of this collaboration, Dirty Job brewing was more than pleased to provide a vanilla extract made in house in Texas. I am hoping that this adds a subtle caramel/ vanilla tone to a light coffee and smokiness. Ideally, patrons will imbibe this brew and allow their palates to enjoy a richer lager with a perfect love bridging NY to Texas. Island to Island definitely knows their craft and I look forward to trying this brew and the others they have put together for this weekend. Island to Island is certainly our kind of brewery. They share the love of beer, people, equity and inclusion that we cherish. The focus on one’s community is at Dirty Job Brewing’s core and we know Island to Island is using that same focus. Cheers, y’all! GETCHA BEER!

Derek Hubenak, Dirty Job Brewing, Gold Mining Collaboration, Dunkel Lager ABV 4.7%
– Hops: NYS Galena, Cinnamon, Brewer’s own garden vanilla

Southern Beer Girl, Danii & Alyssa’s Colorado Elixir

In Colorado there’s an abundance of spruce, the smell is definitely familiar to me, I love to camp in the summer and especially useful for starting fires for warmth. I’ve always wanted to make a beer with spruce tips to pay homage to the magical feeling of being in the mountain forests of Colorado.  My goal is that the spruce tips will add a gentle, pine flavor and smell that plays nicely with the fruitiness of the hops. I imagine this beer being a great middle ground between lager lovers and IPA lovers. light, but noticeably bitter and refreshing. I hope this beer evokes thoughts of spring in the Mountains like it would do for me! Seeing how there’s not many female brewers promoted in America, it’s always an empowering thing to work with other like minded women on a brew, grain to glass! I love the goal of Island to Island using ingredients that are important, and I love that I can collaborate and share some passions about Colorado across the country!
Alyssa Thorpe, Southern Beer Girl, brewer at Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, Danii & Alyssa’s Colorado Elixir, IPL (India Pale Lager) ABV 6.2%
– Hops: NYS Galena, Denali, Sterling

Bitter & Esters Home Brew Shop, Diviner’s Textbook

We are the only brew school and also the only homebrew shop in NYC.

Vienna lagers have always been a favorite style of mine. They drink easy and clean like a lager should, but carry a maltier backbone with the kilned Vienna and Munich malt as the base with a small crystal malt addition. Slightly sweet on the palate, Vienna lagers pair well with food, especially spicy foods. They are not found in Vienna so much anymore, but are a very popular style in Mexico, Negro Modello being a good example. The craft beer movement in the United States has also embraced Vienna Lager style, many breweries now offer their version. It is a great gateway style to introduce non craft beer drinkers to the wonderful world of craft beer.I’m very excited to brew with Island to Island. Danii has been a supporter of Bitter & Esters over the years and a good friend. We are fans of both the beers she is producing and her overall business model of health, wellness and quality.

I really admire how Danii handled our brew day, brewing, cleaning, dealing with business, dealing with employees all while caring for a baby.

John LaPolla, Bitter & Esters Home Brew Shop, Diviner’s Textbook, Vienna Lager, ABV 4.7%
– NY Galena

Island to Island Brewery, Goddess Calilifa

Corn an indigenous American produce also known as Maize. The world was introduced to corn through exploration to the Americas. Corn meal, corn bread, popcorn, chicha, corn whiskey an American liquor are just a few of the products we enjoy from corn. As an introduction to my brewing heritage I feel it’s fitting to share beers brewed with New York corn to showcase what is possible in the American world of beer. Corn is a source of sugar for the beer. It also helps to lighten beer from being overly matly and filling so that the beer acts more like a refreshing beverage rather than a cereal meal. My hope for the beer’s effect on guests is that they’ll want to keep drinking and not realize when the glass is empty.
I decided to release a flight of lagers not only to prove I can, because life outside the cool kids club is about proving yourself, but mainly because I wanted to showcase the diversity of beer both ales and lagers. In the mainstream world of beer we see how varied ales can be but, when do you explore lagers? Where can you go in NYC to try four distinct lagers that are extremely diverse from one another?

The one thing that NYC Beer Week lacks is diversity so not only am I bringing diversity as an Aboriginal Central American industry member but my beers are doing all the talking for me. They say “As many people as there on the planet, beer can be just as diverse.

Danii Oliver, Island to Island Brewery, Goddess Calilifa, Candy Corn Common Lager, ABV 5%
– NY Cascade, Northern Brewer, Perle

Danii Oliver, Island to Island Brewery, Passion of the Gods, Chicha Pulque, ABV 7%
– NY Cascade, Simcoe

Lager Experience

By: Black Beer Travelers

Danii & Alyssa’s Colorado Elixir, IPL

– A malty experience giving a natural light wild berry smell on the nose. Once you let the beer coat your palate, you experience the full balance of the spruce & hops that allows you to drink this all day.

Diviner’s Textbook, Vienna Lager

– This is a nice adaption on a traditional Vienna Lager; warming, malty and rich in sweet residual sugars. The mouthfeel is perfect for the style

Gold Mining, Dunkel Lager

– A light dunkel that has a smokey nose and deliciously smooth cinnamon, vanilla, and light chocolate palate. The smoke pleasantly lingers and should bring out the aspects of the jerk wings.

Goddes Califia, Common

– Think of a fun funk that makes you think saison but you’re enjoying a bright mouthfeel and a medium malt forward lager.

Passion of the Gods, Chicha

– A bright and bold passion fruit on the nose the follows through on the palate with a light citrus and malt. This comes across similar to a white wine or very lite kombucha.

Special guests Harlem Brewing, Wartega Brewing, Black Beer Traveler with Visual Art Exhibition by Art by J.P. Designs.


Drink Only Tickets Available at Taproom 642.
Sorry if you missed the wings!