Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Amarachi Esowe: Ogwugwo Na Nkwenye
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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Amarachi Esowe: Ogwugwo Na Nkwenye

Amarachi Esowe: Ogwugwo Na Nkwenye

About the Show:

This show exhibits a digital collage series on the feel, the healing, migration, and wanting of escape of a mental and emotional illness episode. This series shows the beauty and struggle of what it feels like to be in a dark place mentally, it expresses how even though thoughts and emotions are down there is still a hint or explosion of beauty within that state, this series also expresses how someone can still hang onto their will to overcome an episode. Each piece is paired with a phrase of empowerment and affirmation in Igbo, which is translated in English. This series was inspired by Amarachi’s own challenges with depression, feelings whenever experiencing depression and whenever overcoming an episodic moment in depression.

“Some episodes are better than others, but there are times when it is difficult to get out of an episode.” Amarachi wanted to convey mental illness and wellness, and how event extremely dark and overwhelming episodes can still lead to a discovery of beauty, poetry and romance.

Artist bio:

Amarachi Esowe is a visual artist and writer who grew  up in New York City. Art and writing has always been a part of Esowe’s life. It has been a form of therapy, self expression, and a way to communicate and relate to others. Esowe’s  creative work expresses a subtle but impressive for of Protest. Her work abstractly focuses on Mental Health Awareness, Feminism and LGBTQ+ Pride. Esowe prefers an abstract-realism and an in-depth form of portraiture and writing, where she can illustrate the beauty and complexities of the human mind and human being altogether.

Communication is huge to Esowe, and in her artwork and writing she uses it as a way to communicate and connect with others, to touch on topics that might be a bit too heavy or too taboo to tackle and discuss.  She uses graphic art and photography to illustrate the beauty in relationship with self, and relationships  outside of the self. Esowe illustrates strength in Womanhood, Queerness, and Relationship.