Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Owner and Head Brewer Danii Oliver
Danii Oliver’s Arawak indigenous American family have been home brewing for generations; garden harvesting, kitchen fermentation and bottle swaps were all a part of the culture Danii grew up in. Danii is not interested in beer that marginalizes people. “As many people as there are on the planet, that’s as many styles of beer that there are in the world. I make beer to celebrate people coming together no matter what they are drinking.”
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Women Owned Brewery

Founder, woman owned, head brewer

INCLUSIVE AND INDIGENOUS: Those are the values Danii Oliver brings to all her beverage brands.

According to Made in NYC: “Having grown up between St. Martin, the French West Indies, and Queens, NY, with a matriarchal heritage,…. seasonality and health are at the heart of Danii Oliver’s businesses. That’s why, beyond serving drinks, her taproom holds extensive, and most importantly inclusive programming.” “All craft beverages are made from the fusion of Arawak Caribbean and modern American craft brewing techniques. Ingredients are native or locally sourced in state. From the raw honey in the Jun (a non-alcoholic probiotic beverage) to the flagship cider, Purple Reign, made with apple, pineapple, sorrel, and cayenne pepper.” 


Brooklyn Based’s Regina Bresler sat down with Danii and had this to say: “The space” Danii has created, “is intimate, emanating a nurturing energy one generally doesn’t associate with a bar.”

“Frequently bucking these -ISMS…. Her space is a welcoming safe haven by design.”

“I want to celebrate people coming together with every brand I launch. No matter what you are drinking, I believe, everyone should feel included and healthy in the process” --Danii Oliver

Danii Oliver is not interested in beer that marginalizes people. As many people as there are on the planet, that’s as many styles of beer that there are in the world. Danii does not come to beer from the usual story of home brewing in the garage with the fellas. Danii’s Arawak Indigenous American family members have been brewing for generations. She picked up the techniques almost naturally, like genetic memory, on top of being inspired by watching her Trinidadian aunts who were home brewing; garden harvesting, practicing kitchen fermentation and conducting bottle swaps. All these craft beer practices were all a part of the culture Danii grew up in. While traveling back and forth between Central America and North America her parents always brought bottles to share and trade exactly like digital can trades and local bottle shares today.


When asked, “What is it like to be one of the few women in the craft beer industry?”, Danii is often taken aback by the question as she has always seen women make beer, drink beer and share beers. She did not think she was entering a “male” industry she was only doing what brought a healthier option to the market and what she’s had a passion to make since she was old enough.


Danii Oliver was under 30 years old when she entered the craft beverage industry as a business owner. She has produced three (3) brands of beverage lines including House of Juice, Brooklyn Jun Brew and Island to Island Brewery. She has expanded her production facility from a 2,000 SqFt storefront to the 40,000 SqFt, KIDO Family Ranch, Texas Farm Brewery and Ranch Retreat. While the gears were turning on Island to Island brewery’s expansion, the first crops of lemongrass, mint, lavender, sage, lemon balm, purple basil, melons and a dozen varieties peppers for ferment beverage infusions have been harvested. Following the principles of permaculture and earth ship technology the farm’s expansion focuses on sustainability by design not an after thought. 


Tired of only being invited on to panels about her diversity, skin tone or gender, Danii became disinterested in the segregation & complaining. Danii got to work in 2019 on building the BEERSGIVING initiative to diversify the craft beer industry once and for all and end diversity panels which did nothing but leave participants emotionally distraught. Danii, worked to establish actionable steps breweries, owners, managers and stakeholders could take to create a fully diverse, inclusive and equitable industry. BEERSGIVING’s core tenets are to “Be Welcoming, Mentor, Collaborate and Support” which has specific events attached to help do the work that needs to be done.


After joining the Pink Boots Society to connect with women in the beer industry, Danii learned how many women were being left out and left behind. She campaigned to earn 1 of the board member seats ever to be held by a women of color. Set to start a 2 year term on the Board of Directors representing women in the fermented beverage industries of all kinds Danii will be focused on building an Advocacy program for women being abused in the industry and a program designed to create clear “Path Ways To Professionalism” for Females, and members of BIPOC, LGBTQA communities.


The words of John Donne’s “MEDITATION XVII” helped Danii conceive Island to Island’s namesake. Island to Island was inspired by Danii’s mission to create an inclusive brand by bringing diverse people together from all walks of life over a full glass no matter the contents; rather than building a single community or segregated audience. 

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