Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Rock The Mic Performer Details
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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Rock The Mic Performer Details

How do I sign-up for open mic night at Island to Island Brewery?

Click here, complete the form and select which show date you feel is a good match for you.

How can I audition?

There are no auditions for open mic night. Simply provide us with a youtube, vimeo, sound cloud or website link of your performance, art, style, shows or practices. Once in the line up treat every open mic performance you’re in like the audition of your life, ya’ never know who will be in the audience listening or who might catch it on Social Media.

What are the rules, is all material or language allowed?

The main rule of the Island to Island Brewery open mics is that neither the words “bitch”, “cunt”, “nigger” nor “nigga” may be used. These words are NOT permitted. If used your mic will be cut off and you will not be allowed to perform again. All other words are permissible. Please scan the audience for children as Island to Island Brewery is a kid friendly environment however, most guests do not bring kids after hours. Be mindful.
We fervently believe in your right to freedom of speech; you are not censored on language nor content outside of the four terms mention above. These are a few important HOWEVERS to consider as the producers believe there is no way these words can be used in a diverse crowd and NOT make a diverse audience uncomfortable. Our goal is to see to the longevity and growth of open mic nights with returning patrons.

How much time do I have for a set?

All performers will be given 5 to 10 minute sets. Once you’ve repeatedly demonstrated that you can pull a crowd, and keep the audience vibing with you, the producers will approached you to gauge your desire to perform longer sets and paid gigs.
Because sets are limited at 5 to 10 minutes overly long set-up and tear-down times can’t be accommodated, until you are approached to headline. Bands please come very stripped down: guitar, keyboard, hand percussion and small amps. Our sound system can handle 4 inputs, mp3 tracks played on a phone or small media player through a standard headphone jack (no streaming playbacks like youtube). DJ’s are welcome to come early and play in-between sets.
Performers who are approached for longer sets are promoted as headliners and perform from 10:45 to 11:00. Compensation is via pass-the-hat tips only, no guarantee. We host open mic as a free no cover event to encourage artists to bring friends, fans and for the community to come out and learn about new artists with no strings attached.

Can I record my set and post on social media?

We insist! Go for it! Please tag @IslandtoIslandBrewery  #rockthemicat642rogersave and mention @IslandtoIslandBrewery when you post to social media. We will be doing the same and tagging you as well to help draw a bigger crowd and more open mic nights. Watching your performance and crowd reactions can be very useful to growing your craft. Perform, Tape, Watch, Grow, Tweak, Repeat.

May I retain copyright privileges to my performances?

If you wish for your performance to NOT be recorded or posted to social media for promotional purposes open mic night at Island to Island Brewery may not be for you. We reserve the right to record and publish all events taking place within our facility. The purpose of open mic night at Island to Island Brewery is to give new talent the opportunity to be seen and heard. If you wish not to be seen or heard, or do not want us posting your videos for promotion please refrain from applying as teasers are the main method of getting audiences excited about undiscovered talent.

After the show will I get feedback?

Feedback comes from the audience. You are welcome to stay after to grab a round of drinks and network with other performers and audience members. We ask, out of respect for other performers, you refrain from networking or side line gabbing until the end of all performances. We host a hour networking slot after the performances.

Should I perform same set every show?

That is completely up to you. However if the audience or producers of the show get bored with the same set, you will not be asked back until you can demonstrate you have more crowd pleasing content. To grow in your artistry, it is a idea great to explore and expand your content. FYI: One bad set will not get you booted from the next show at all.

Can I perform at every open mic night?

That would be awesome! However it depends on demand for performance slots. Other factors will be considered in leading toward a “Headliner Set” including but not limited to, level of talent, audience feedback, punctuality (don’t waste our time nor our audience’s time we won’t waste yours), social media promotion, ability to draw a audience in.

Can I perform someone else’s work?

Because your performance is not for profit, Yes. You are simply showcasing your talent and expressing yourself artistically. Please give credit to the artist whose cover you perform.

I have never performed a set in front of an audience, does that effect my chances of being picked?

Short answer is: No. We are looking for undiscovered, underrated and emerging talent.
Long answer is: Once you have performed for the first time on our mic we get bragging rights forever and ever. Once you blow up in the industry; you hereby solemnly swear to come back and invest in Island to Island Brewery or the talents our founders help to give opportunities to. You know give back. Oh and never charge us for a solo one night exclusive album release show.
This does not happen overnight and we’re really trying to attract talents that can hang in there for the long haul.
In general: do your best to WOW the audience no matter what and additional opportunities may present themselves.

I’m an out-of-town performer; will performing in New York City get me paid work or a travel stipend?

Short answer is: Nope. This is a volunteer open mic night to give artists and performers opportunities as part of our mission to support our diverse and growing community.
Long answer is: Perform your best and stay after to network. It’s not about your talent or who you know but who knows you and remembers you enough to keep talking about you and share. Past open mic performers have secured paid gigs from showing up and networking after.

Will I be competing against other performers?

Not at all. Every performer in the eyes of the producers are gauged individually. The producers may decide to limit the types of performance styles per show to in order to keep the night diversified. Therefore if you have more than one performance style please list in your application. I.e. If blues singer slots fill up and you perform spoken word, let us know.

Open mic nights are for rising talent not pitting one another against each other.

Have additional questions? E-mail please mention that you’re inquiring about the Island to Island Brewery Open Mic Night.

If you’ve got what it takes…

Island to Island Brewery is located in Brooklyn, New York at 642 Rogers Avenue, between Clarkson Ave and Parkside Ave, in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood. Three blocks from Prospect Park. Near the 2,5 trains on the Winthrop stop and the Q train on the Parkside stop. Across the street from the Clarkson stop on the B44 & B49 bus stop. Street Parking is available within 5-10 blocks.

All kinds of performances are encouraged original songs, cover songs, unaccompanied singers, instrumentalists, Spoken Word poets, Acoustic/Electro-Acoustic, Poetry, Electronica/Synth, Rock/Punk/Metal, Comedy, Country, Hick Hop, Rap/Hip-Hop, Beatbox, Open Deck (DJing), Open Reel (Video), Magic, Improvisational Theatre, The Blues, Folk, Storytelling, Reggae, Jazz, Funk &Soul, World Music, Musical. Sorry we do not have the space for dance.

House of Juice & Brooklyn Jun Brew are brands crafted by Island to Island Brewery. The taproom is a unique juicery brewery hybrid blending the the best offerings of brewpubs and juice bars then slowing it down with the traditional social and relaxing culture of New York City bars. Island to Island Brewery is a Made in Brooklyn juicery and brewery that specializes in crafting beverages from seasonal locally farmed produce into organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, probiotic beverages and craft beer, mead and cider.