Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | FinancialBin Interviews Danii Oliver
David Domzalski, Financial Bin: Please provide a brief background of your experiences prior to your current position.
interview, Danii Oliver, founder, business woman, day to day
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FinancialBin Interviews Danii Oliver

Interview between the Financial Bin’s David Domzalski and Danii Oliver

My drive has never changed. My direct remains the same.
Though title or industry differ what I achieve is the target I am always after.

DD: What challenges have you faced in the tech industry?

DO: In the tech industry there are two major challenges that are actually challenges and not just inspiration to build something new. Tech industry challenges are gender and finance based. As a woman in 2011, I can pursue any field I wish. But the fact is, I still have to deal with people thinking I can’t do something tech based because I am a woman. I am often spoken to with terms of endearment like “honey or sweetie” and have been told by men that certain things are impossible for me get done until I do them. In fact I have never worked with a female technologist side by side since entering the field. Another challenge in the tech industry is money. Often it’s not enough to simply sell an idea, a finished product or prototype to showcase may be needed to supplement the idea. Without a substantial amount of funding to build prototypes, technologists can be left dead in the water with a suitcase full of great ideas. Proper funding is a necessity. 

It’s not enough to simply sell an idea, a proven product or prototype is needed supplement the idea. I had to learn how to not take “NO” for an answer and create a niche for myself.
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