Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Danii Oliver Professional Expertise
Unique crossover experience as a designer and branding developer allows fully functionality in start to finish role responsibilities.
interview, Danii Oliver, founder, business woman, day to day
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Danii Oliver Professional Experience

Danii Oliver

Digital Marketing – Creative Design – Brand Management – Event Coordination  | 214-531-6757  | Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

To: Hiring Managers, Brewery Owners & Taproom Managers, Marketing Directors or Brand Directors.


Re: PR & Marketing positions within the craft beer and beverage manufacturing industries.


As a marketing professional with digital design and production brewing experience under my belt, I have a great deal of experience managing and executing the following daily tasks

  • On site promotions, through offline communications, direct to consumer, digital communications, local media outlets, blogs and podcasts
  • Continuous networking to establish & maintain relationships with local media outlets, journalists, and bloggers to actively seek out a wide variety of public relations opportunities and collaboration brews
  • Manage beer festival booths, onsite & offsite catering events as well as taproom & brewery point of contact.
  • Maintain financial budget responsibilities. Source & maintain vendor relationships with service providers & raw material producers.
  • Brand development to launch and grow new brands, TTB COLAS label registration
  • Define and execute offline and digital marketing strategies to facilitate craft beverage and taproom growth
  • Create and maintain content that will be used on all social media platforms including conducting staged studio and live photoshoots; shooting/editing videos as needed
  • Develop and manage creative brand strategies for various craft beverages and brands
  • Maintaining up to date knowledge of current digital tools and their various strategic implementations for engaging current consumers & attracting new customers
  • Executing public relations efforts as a point of contact & brand spokesperson for all media inquiries
  • Design digital, print and brand merchandise marketing materials
  • BONUS:  I am brewer and a woman in beer!


My unique crossover experience as a designer and brand marketing developer allows me to fully function in start to finish responsibilities of a brand marketing professional. I am able to delegate tasks to staff members as well as execute alone. My career in the craft beverage, product advertising and gaming industries have been about bridging all gaps in communication, informing consumers & retailers, executing campaigns and transferring working proofs of concept into production quality. I have led a team of juniors to highly skilled individuals whose strengths are in areas affected by the business marketing goals.


I am what you are seeking in terms of being flexible & energetic. I am an experienced leader who has managed and executed the marketing of craft beer releases, beer festivals and craft alcohol and non-alcoholic brands. I have 8 years of social media and marketing management experience for various consumer goods brands; 5 years dedicated to craft beverages having bootstrapped and developed 3 lines of my own. I am experienced not only in craft beer marketing but also in production level brewing.


My skills come from restaurant and beverage program hospitality management training from NYU; hands on experience manufacturing juices, beers, kombuchas and hard ciders; serving corporate, wholesale and retail consumers; and presenting product knowledge used for marketing and tours with compelling storytelling.


Thank You in advance for your review of this document and the attached resume.



Danii Oliver


A digital native marketing manager in the craft beverage and entertainment industry. Over a decade of experience building digital marketing campaigns and direct to consumer marketing experiences across an array of niche consumer goods brands within the areas of wellness, food & beverage and entertainment.



Sales: 13+ years of sales experience within alcohol, craft beer and consumer food goods industries, Proven track record of growing sales through marketing efforts.

Digital Technologies: all major Social Media Platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Google My Business, Nextdoor, Pinterest, Tumblr & brand website (main site, campaign landing site and blog), various Website CMS frameworks & platforms, WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Squareup, Squarespace, Wix, Veeva, Salesforce, Bridge, WooCommerce and hand coding with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, MySQL, XML, UI/UX/IA, Bootstrap, Foundations

Application Tools: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Google Analytics, DoubleClick, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Visio, Premiere Pro, AutoCAD, Flash, Google Web Designer, Geo-targeting, MS Office Suite, Cinema 4D, Canva, Google Suite – Docs, Spreadsheets/Excel, Photos, Presentation

Platforms: Mobile, Web, Android | Presentation Tools: MS Visio, PowerPoint, Veeva | Database: MySQL

Physical Skills: Digital Film and Photo production, animation, graphic design for print packaging and digital signage both static and dynamically interactive. Event coordination and niche community outreach.



New York University (NYU)

School of Professional Studies

Graduate Certificate Hospitality Industry Studies

Graduate Certificate Motion Graphics & 3D


Baruch College – CUNY

Zicklin School of Business

Weissman School of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Science Degree
Major: Business & Graphic Marketing Communications with a specialization in Graphics, Fine and Commercial Arts

Minor: Integrated Marketing Management



Innovation Head Brewer, Creative Director | Island to Island Brewery, Corp.

June 2015 – Present

  • Created seasonal beer recipes utilizing local and international ingredients based on seasons
  • Responsible for all aspects of the beer production process and day-to-day operations of the brewery and taproom
  • Experience brewing and cellaring on pilot and production systems from 1 BBL to 6o BBL brewhouses for up to 90 BBL fermentors.
  • Managed staff of brewers, beer-tenders and contractors
  • Head of purchasing and inventory management
  • Oversaw market cost fluctuations, financial assets and liabilities
  • Maintained profit margins alongside business goals
  • Set production goals, brew schedule and release dates
  • Designed and implemented various campaigns based on business goals and pubic relations management
  • Maintained beer quality control, record keeping and financial books
  • Met with customers, tour groups, journalists and other businesses executives
  • Built and installed brewhouse from scratch then maintained production equipment troubleshooting and repair
  • Designed and documented brewhouse operations and trouble shooting guides
  • Maintained an in-depth knowledge of beer science, microbiology, open and closed fermentation, sanitation and temperature control for yeast health, quality control and food production safety
  • Juice HACCP Certified through Cornell University
  • Maintained food safety and HACCP standards and practices conducting daily inspections as well as official inspections by overseeing authorities
  • Implemented marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and publicize brewery’s brand and build customer base
  • Organized and conducted staff interviews, orientations and training workshops
  • Conducted wholesale sales, transactions and deliveries
  • Worked tirelessly to innovate the brewery and grow the brand from a manufacturing, organizational and public awareness perspective
  • Received the Lux Magazine 2018 international Food & Drink Award recognition for Island to Island Brewery as the “Most Pioneering Craft Brewery 2018 N.E. USA”
  • Collaboration brewing with breweries seeking innovation and new audience growth.


Wellness, Food & Beverage Marketing Consultant/Brand Director | Juice and Jin, LLC

September 2015 – Present

  • Increased consumer brand engagement with social media storytelling, social engagement, digital and out of home marketing and email communications campaigns
  • Managed multiple overlapping campaigns
  • Design digital & print marketing materials for POS, menus, posters, banners, vinyl displays, digital monitor displays, social media and website as needed
  • Strategized business marketing solutions, participating heavily in strategic planning & complex organizational decision-making and budgeting to meet marketing goals
  • Built landing sites for various campaign launches as well as main brand website
  • Built public relations campaigns for social media, crowdfunding, sponsorships, email campaigns, direct-to-consumer marketing expos, events, conferences and industry festivals with a unified voice to convey brand positioning, product quality & core values
  • Built interactive, animations, scrolling and video banner ads for online marketing, google ads & sponsored social media posts
  • Planned, scheduled and executed Public Relations efforts as a point of contact for all media inquiries including writing/editing of press releases and articles.
  • Participated in interviews for op-ed articles, brand features, live radio, podcast, tv and video blog as a brand spokesperson
  • Created brand identity guides for all platforms including logo, packaging, website, campaign landing pages, social media integration, style guides, press releases, videos, mobile text marketing, and booth displays
  • Managed teams of designers, developers, and content creators for digital & creative brand development
  • Client and Campaign list included FCB Healthcare, FDA Anti-Smoking Campaign, Spiriva COPD, Mirena, Sklya, House of Juice, The Pure Chickpea, Red Hibiscus Bakery, Juice Crawl, Option Care, Lets Talk Bone Mets, Promius Pharma, New York Farm Breweries in planning via the New York City Brewers Guild, Harlem Brewery


Digital Marketing Consultant | Damn Digital Studio, LLC

January 2011 – Present

  • Crafted art assets and design layouts with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Consulted on new digital marketing technologies for desktop, tablet, mobile, email, web video and social media best practices during the industry shift from animation based sites and gamification to greater social media engagement
  • Built digital games for apps and advertising integration
  • Built branded gaming applications for entertainment based engagement during trade shows on all digital screen platforms.
  • Leveraged skills in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, ActionScript 3, PHP, XML, MySQL, Bootstrap
  • Increased consumer brand engagement with digital and out of home marketing campaigns
  • Built landing sites for various campaign launches
  • Launched new games integrated in the Facebook API & monetized with virtual currency through a third party and Facebook’s virtual currency building a uniformed social media integrated gaming experience.
  • Integrated video advertising modules for pre-roll, post-roll, overlay and bug advertisements for on demand ad-roll APIs
  • Utilized OSMF and FMS to build custom media players for site streaming video content
  • Designed & programmed banners animations for online banner ad campaigns and out-of-home jumbo interactive displays
  • Maintained multiple websites on major platforms and frameworks as well as hand coded sites with version control implementation
  • Released proprietary applications to the Google Play and Apple Store
  • Client list included Kitara Media, The New York Times, Publishers Clearing House, Funtank, Grand Visual for Disney’s “Inside Out”, Dynamic Logic, Vogel Farina, Greyhealth Group, Harrison and Star, Marcom Group, Air Force Civilian Service


Graphic/Web Designer | Mass Designs Studio

January 2005 – December 2010

  • Supported a diverse portfolio of clients as a freelance graphic designer and digital marketing consultant for small businesses, startups, niche blog sites
  • Created multi-media branding communications such as printed brand marketing materials, powerpoint templates, blog sites, website animations and website templates
  • Programmed “ Videolytics” UI/UX, an in-video survey platform utilizing ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP & XML
  • Managed web tickets for multiple web properties, and supervised front-end design & copy edits for multiple sites
  • Maintained multiple websites on the wordpress platform as well as hand coded sites


Awards & Recognition 

Food & Drink Award, Island to Island Brewery Most Pioneering Craft Brewery 2018 N.E. USA

PCH “Lucky Diamonds Casino” Game Developer Accomplishment, 2013

American GD Logo, Web, Newsletter and Invite Awards 2012

American GD Web Award 2011

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