Island to Island Brewing Conservatory | Danii Oliver
Learn more about Danii Oliver brand designer, founder and head brewer. Danii Oliver’s Arawak Indigenous American family members have been home brewing for generations; garden harvesting, kitchen fermentation and bottle swaps were all a part of the culture Danii grew up in. Danii is not interested in beer that marginalizes people. “As many people as there are on the planet, that’s as many styles of beer that there are in the world. I make beer to celebrate people coming together no matter what they are drinking.”
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A True Craft Beverage Passion

Supporting craftsmanship and brand messaging.

Pioneering diversity and brand awareness in the craft beverage industry.

Brand Development

“Over the past six years I have spearheaded the design, launch, production and promotion of four beverage brands that have been widely publicized throughout New York City.”

Expert Skills

Brand & Location Promotions

Through offline communications, direct to consumer, digital communications, local media outlets, blogs and podcasts

Media Relations

Executing public relations efforts as a point of contact & brand spokesperson for all media inquiries.

Brand Ambassador

Manage beer festival booths, onsite and offsite catering events as well as taproom and brewery point of contact.

Continuous Networking

Establishing & maintaining relationships with local media outlets, journalists & bloggers to actively seek out a wide variety of public relations opportunities & collaboration brews

Content Managment

Create & maintain content that will be used on all social media platforms including conducting staged studio & live photoshoots; shooting/editing videos as needed.

Graphic Design

Maintaining up to date knowledge of current digital tools and their various strategic implementations for engaging current consumers & attracting new customers.

Brand Development

Launch and grow new brands, TABC & TTB COLAS label registration.

Creative Direction

Develop and manage creative brand strategies for various craft beverages and brands.

Craft Beer Knowledgable

Home brewing to Pro-Brewing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fermented beverages.

Digital Marketing

Define and execute offline and digital marketing strategies to facilitate craft beverage and taproom growth.

Purchase Manager

Maintain financial budget responsibilities. Source & maintain vendor relationships with service providers & raw material producers.

Senior Designer

Design digital, print and brand merchandise marketing materials.

Production brewing experience

Event Beverage Coordination

Specializing in c-suite luxury with global corporate brands.


Courting elite influencers and decision makers through exclusive events with top consumer goods brands, charity organizations and executive enterprises.

Festival Management

NY Ferm Fest – NY Craft Beer Fest – NYC Opening Bash

Creative Direction

Unique crossover expertise as a designer and brand consultant allows me to fully function in start to finish responsibilities of a brand marketing professional.


Able to delegate tasks to staff members as well as execute alone. My career in the craft beverage, product advertising and gaming industries have been about bridging all gaps in communication, informing consumers & retailers, executing campaigns and transferring working proofs of concept into production quality. I have led a team of juniors to highly skilled individuals whose strengths are utilized by the business marketing goals.

Danii Oliver social media management

Civic Involvement

politics – charity – community

Public Relations

Engaging niche communities through workshops, panels, public speaking, one on one consulting, tours and beverage pairing experiences.


“A typical day is spent working on projects that have not existed before.”
– Danii Oliver

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