Movember - They Who Brew at Island to Island Brewery
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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They Who Brew

The most sought after brewers in all of NEW YORK CITY are collaborating for the greatest cause of the year… Men’s Health.

This is not your average beer collaboration. Theses four elusive brewers are coming together in the spirit of health and wellness to craft seasonal beers with whole foods to help raise awareness for men’s health nation wide.

They are the most requested, the most legendary, and the most elusive myths in current craft brew culture, yet they’re only men. Come meet them, drink their brews and get to know the men behind the legendary mustaches; all in the name of MOVEMBER.

At present the owner of Island to Island is managing the health of her own father suffering with prostate cancer. And why? He was all too afraid to mention it to her.

Awareness is key to saving lives.


Movember They Who Brew

Chris Gandsy

Movember They Who Brew

Norie Manigault

Movember They Who Brew


Movember They Who Brew

Putting an end to the “Men’s Health Discussion Taboo” by celebrating They Who Brew Change.

Across the country men are Brewing Up Change for good. Yet many men still don’t value their health as a main focus. Let’s put an end to the “Men’s Health Discussion Taboo” & celebrate They Who Brew change.

Mental Health matters plague men daily yet they don’t speak of it. Many men conceal their feelings, conditions and symptoms from family members, spouses and children passing up vital opportunities to bond and overcome minor setbacks creating larger problems leading to shorter lifespans.

This event is geared toward raising awareness about men’s health. Join us in support of the Movember movement. Event proceeds go toward our goal to raise $1000 for the Movember foundation and toward hurricane relief for Caribbean Natives effected by the devastating storms of 2017.

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Doors open 6PM for those wanting to stop in right after work for a cold brew beer or kombucha.

Slapsgiving - Cranberry Sour - Kevin's Brew0%

into the production process

Honey Brown - Brown Ale - Chris's Brew0%

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Pumpkin Pie - Ale - Ovieh's Brew0%

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He's Rye - Pale Ale - Norie's Brew0%

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