Island to Island | Flight Menu
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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Flight Menu

Our "Flights" are a small sampling of various recipes from each one of our beverage categories. We think of it as a journey of discovery for your taste buds. Our main flight being the journey from seed to spirit exploring the subtleties in flavor changes and character growth produce gives when it is a young seed or sprout, as mature fruits, herbs and vegetables produce, once lightly preserved through fermentation and after fermentation into a spirit.

Join us in for a flight of "Seed to Spirit" beverages, kombucha, or our brews leading to a pint!

    • Tasting

      Sampling options of various beverages crafted by the juicery, the fermentory or the brewery onsite. Tasting sizes vary from 2oz samplings to 4oz and 6oz tastings.

    • Tasting Flight

      four 4oz pours of house brews available on tap

    • Flight To A Pint

      four 2oz pours of house brews & a full pour of your favorite brew

    • Full Flight

      Four 6oz pours of each category of beverages made in house.
      The seed to spirit experience.
      seeds: Ollie-T Smoothie
      juice: Purple Heart
      fermented: Brooklyn Jun Brew
      spirit: Sorrel Ale

    • Limited Edition Complete Flight

      Five 6oz pours of limited edition seasonal recipes based on seasonal ingredients in each category of beverages made onsite. Limited Edition of the seed to spirit experience.

      7/21/17: Sorrel Hibiscus
      seeds: Hibiscus PiƱa Colada
      juice: Purple Heart
      fermented: Purple Reign
      cider: Yuh Real Crazy abv 8.6%
      beer: Trade Route #1 abv 7%

      7/28/17: Watermelon
      seeds: Summer Time Slushy - Watermelon Smoothie
      juice: Summer Sunset - Watermelon Juice Mocktail
      fermented: Brooklyn Melon Brew - Watermelon Jun
      cider: Sweet Purple Reign - Purple Heart Cider & Watermelon abv 4%
      beer: The Perfect BBQ Beer - Watermelon Saison abv 7%

      8/04/17: Peach
      seeds: Power Packed - Peach Smoothie
      juice: Peach Lemonade - Peach Juice Mocktail
      fermented: Peach Lavender - Kombucha
      cider: Whin'n She Bam Bam - Imperial Peach Cider abv 10%
      beer: Just Peachy - Peach Pale Ale abv 4%