Time Out New York

Time Out New York, April 5, 2017: Our fair city has always been known as a cultural melting pot, and that sentiment has never been truer than it is today. New York City boasts some of the most diverse communities worldwide —Lisa Brown

Island to Island Brewery started as a juice-and-kombucha label called House of Juice, and then the brick-and-mortar, beer-focused location that would become Island to Island came in to existence to complete its founder’s  “Seed to Spirit” vision.—Suzanne Cope

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The Q at Parkside

The Q at Parkside, March 21, 2017: Whoa. I hardly know what to make of this. Is “seed to spirit” a thing now? I suppose it is. House of Juice continues to defy expectations with clever marketing and cool programming, from themed events to comedy. It’s a great space, and soon enough it will be the warm enough for lounging in the back garden. This event sounds downright outrageous.

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