Brooklyn Jun Brew - Probiotic - Island to Island Brewery
Juices, smoothies, kombucha, beer, mead, cider and natural sodas. Crafted with a Caribbean palate using New York grown produce: seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and teas.
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Brooklyn Jun Brew



What is Jun

Jun (pronounced /jən/ or /xun/ like run with a j). Jun is a probiotic fermented with green tea, seasonal varietal honeys and a mother culture called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

Due to the attenuation of the yeast consuming the natural sugars of the honey, Jun be comes a naturally reduced sugar beverage.
Jun is a probiotic beverage containing live bacteria and yeast essential to your health. These “good bacteria” help keep your gut healthy and reduce infections or digestive problems by keeping the “bad bacteria” at bay. During the fermentation process, alcohol is produced by the yeast. The alcohol is quickly and aggressively consumed by the bacteria present making Jun a non-alcoholic fermented beverage.


The fermentation process takes place over a few days. Longer fermentation leads to a vinegar much like apple cider vinegar. Our Jun finishes at about 0.3% ABV less that the legalized alcoholic beverage limit and goes down over time in the presence of oxygen.

Our probiotics are fed with live nutrients and meticulously temperature controlled to keep everything live and happy, evidenced by a “Jun Dance”. We cultivate our own SCOBYS to naturally ferment the caffeine and sugars out the brews and leave behind b vitamins, healthy bacteria and a great tasting beverage.

Are Jun & Kombucha the same?

JUN, is called the champagne of kombucha, they are cousins but not the same. Jun and kombucha are alike in that the are fermented the same way. The ingredient bills change the strains of beneficial bacteria making jun very different from kombucha. It is a natural probiotic soda much like kombucha but, with a less vinegary flavor. The standard 14 oz flasks contain over 40 million beneficial lactic acid bacteria.

Other ferments like kombucha are mauby, kvass, pulque, apple cider vinegar, ginger beer and tepache. These all ferment with a “SCOBY”, “MOTHER” or “BUG” of their own. Their cultures are thin to thick films that clump together in different manners and may form at the top or bottom of a batch. If you see in a bottle this is a good sign and not a cause for alarm.

Drink Often

Drinking daily puts good bacteria known as probiotics, into your gut, allowing for total nutrition of the body to become more effective by incorporating natural probiotics into your internal ecosystem.

Much like Kombucha and all other fermented food, Jun is a probiotic beverage essential to your health. Jun is a great replacement for sodas but, without any of the harsh chemicals that commercial sodas use. Jun supports gut health.

Benefits of Jun & Kombucha

Drinking Kombucha can aid in the relief of:
Irregular Bowel Movements
Upset Stomach
Stomach Ulcers
Gluten Intolerance**
Radiation Poisoning
Acid Reflux
Weight Loss
Thinning Hair
Sluggish Metabolism
**Celiacs wanting relief should work with a Naturopathic or Holistic doctor to monitor effects. Border line celiac customers have used with positive effects along with reduced wheat diets

To learn more about benefits of Kombucha like probiotic beverages click here.