Beers Brewed by Island to Island to Island Brewery

An extensive list of the beers we make, have made and will make in the near future.

Guests of the taproom ask us many questions. Here we attempt to keep up with ours and the greater Beer, Kombucha, Cider loving community by answering as far into the future as we humanly can. If you are a fan of our Juice and Smoothie line, check out our House of Juice brand site.

Want to learn more about the characteristics of these beers? Read our Beer Profiles.

What are your staple beers on tap?

  1. Yuh Crazy – Dry Hopped, Cider, West Indian Red Ale (WIRA) on tap
  2. Ginger Beer – Wild Ale available in growlers
  3. Strong Native IPA – Dark Amber IPA on tap
  4. Purple Reign – Purple Heart Cider available Sept 22nd
  5. Calypso IPA – Hoppy and Slightly Sweet in production
  6. Sorrel Ale – Spiced Fruit Shandy in production

What can I expect for September Releases?

  1. Norie’s Salvation – Sorrel Tripel on tap
  2. Strong Native IPA – Dark Amber IPA released 9/14
  3. Purple Reign – Purple Heart Cider available September 22nd

What will Island to Island Brewery be playing around with seasonally?

  1. Sugarcane Island Shandy – Wild Saison October 2017 Release
  2. The Beer Marlon Does Ordah – Light Pale Ale October release
  3. Shishito Light American Pale Ale on tap
  4. Just Peachy – Session Fruit Pale Ale on tap
  5. The Perfect BBQ Beer – Watermelon Rye Saison on tap
  6. Trade Routes – Wartega Collaboration
  7. Quenepe Gueuze – Tart Wild Fruit Lambic
  8. Pumpkin Spiced – West Indian Ale
  9. Jamaica Queens – Barleywine

What will be released in bottles & cans?

  1. Whin’n She Bam Bam – Imperial Peach Cider available by the glass only
  2. Purple Reign – Purple Heart Juice fermented into a Cider available Sept 22nd
  3. Yuh Rhel Crazy – Imperial West Indian Red Ale sold out

What’s Sold Out?

  1. Cherry Smoked Cherrywood IPA sold out
  2. Silky Sweet – Malta Style Stout sold out